Affiliate Sites Promoting Weird Stuff That Nobody Buys

Novelty Site Builder REVIEW Never Worry About Traffic To Your Site Again
Relying on Google for all your traffic is dangerous. Novelty sites enjoy constant flow of visitors from viral shares on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, etc. Novelty Site Builder REVIEW

Free Viral Traffic These easy-to-get started stores get FREE traffic from social media sites because people love to share funny/unusual things with their friends and family
Amazon Affiliate Profits Amazon's generous 24 hour affiliate referral window allows you to earn commission on all purchases people make after they click your link. Not just the products that you promote.

These Sites Cracked The Code Sites like "This Is Why I'm Broke", "Shut Up And Take My Money" have been making millions with novelty products.
Now you can use their formula and build your own novelty sites fast.

Auto-Build Sites With Unusual Viral Products

Auto-fill your sites with viral products from Amazon's 16 countries. The included WordPress plugin + theme and Chrome extension make it easy to import products without every having to copy and paste anything manually.
Regular affiliate sites take forever to build and constantly need new content... ...added to them every day or else you'll lose your Google rankings. Instead, you can focus only on products that are proven to attract views, shares, and clicks on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
Anyone can run their own money-making VIRAL sites with the help of...

Automated Product Import Build your affiliate sites by automatically importing all of the product info via our built-in browser extension. Your sites will be auto-filled with unique products that quickly spread on social media sites.
FREE Viral Traffic It's our human nature to tell our friends and family about new, funny and unusual things. Get ready for traffic that snowballs day after day.
Earn Amazon Commission Your sites will earn affiliate commission from the world's largest affiliate program - Amazon. All product links are automatically turned into affiliate links using your Amazon Associate Tag (affiliate ID). You don't even have to think about it!

Choose What Your Novelty Site Is About Simply select what kind of novelty products you want from hundreds of suitable niches or just mix and match items without any particular category. It's all up to you.
A detailed behind-the-shoulder tutorial is included.

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