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Revoicely REVIEW 73% of people who watch videos DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH!
Just take a look at this data. Top two widely spoken languages are Chinese and Spanish…NOT English!
This means your videos on YouTube are only able to drive 27% of the traffic, views, leads and sales by focusing only on English Language. Revoicely

You Can easily Rank high on Google with perfectly translated and transcribed multi-lingual videos by capturing the foreign market.
Take a look – Top YouTube creators across Europe are creating videos in their native language.
And with SEO getting tough day by day, there is a lot of competition. You can reach your widest audience with videos that have fully synched captions and native-quality subtitles. This will help youdominate SEO and easily grab a spot by targeting foreign languages and reacha wider audience.

Further, studies show that 85% of online shoppers need access to information in their native language before making a purchase...
That’s the reasonglobal business giants like Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson and others are all translating their content into foreign languages.
Video translation will improve the brand experience for your users. Once they relate to your brand, they will be more likely to buy your products.


Further, adding captions have proven to boost engagements rates. Check this -

    Subtitled videos increase watch time by 12% and are watched an average 91% to completion.
    Videos without subtitles are only watched 66% to completion.
    Boost video shares by 15%. There are also 17% better reactions and 26% more call-to-action click-throughs.
    Adding captions to youtube video could lead to a 7.32% increase in views. This translates into an increase in earnings of $890.93, from $12.171.29 to $13,062.22.

Its time to think and TAKE ACTION about how your video marketing will function in foreign markets.
Now it’s your turn to capitalise on the opportunities to stay competitive in the present scenario.
So, How To Get Started...

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